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Nikita 5952

It was a glorious evening. It was beyond wonderful to see so many faces from days past and revisit the people that for 5,6,7 years (depending on whether or not I met them when I moved to Huffman in 6th grade)were part of my daily life--the people I spent more time with than my own family. The word that keeps coming to mind is beautiful. There is such beauty in laughter and reconnecting. One of the best parts was there were conversations that I swear left off in May 1995 and picked right back up in August 2010 without a hitch. I'm not sure if that means we haven't grown or matured at all OR that we simply are forever intertwined in the hearts and minds of the other. I choose the latter. Truly, it's never "goodbye". . .it's just TO BE CONTINUED.

~Kyla of the Smile & Spirit

p.s. Did I really miss Nathan falling off the bar? I knew I left a tad too soon.


Thanks for the shout out! I loved seeing you, wish we lived closer. And Nathan falling off the bar was the highlight of my husband's night...

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