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Big Sara = fear


That is amazing. The lower case i drives me nuts as well as does text language. Only when I'm texting and driving do I use "u" for "you."


Hehe. Mrs. Woodard, AKA Big Sara-you will be happy to know that your student, Amy Bernie, has had great disdain for poor grammar. "I" am 100% with you on this! I find it most disgusting when the plural possesive is misused such as "I'm going to visit the Rigby's," and of course, there, they're, and their. OMG


Let's not delve into grammatical idiocy. I'm (not the capitalized I) still waiting for people who make far more money than I (got that, more than I. . .not me) to figure out the difference between there and their, your and you're, to and too, its and it's. I'm eagerly awaiting the time when those earning six figures learn that the use of an apostrophe does not make a noun plural but rather possessive. I just have to shake my head in bafflement as I say to myself, "and you earn the bigger paycheck." I'd like to say that knowledge is its own reward, and to an extent, it is--but I'd also like to be rewarded fiscally. Is that shallow? (I just noticed; it appears that Amy and I share many of the same irritants.)

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