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Yes, agreed.

BTW reminds me of the great Barney Stenson.


wait for it...





I'd like to add a symbol to the list... "<3."

I realize that this is widely used to communicate affection or appreciation. But to me, it just looks like balls.

Erika Hultsman

I teach middle school English. My kids are all about abbreviating in text messages and email, on myspace and bebo. The good news is that they also know how to spell and write properly. They are not the best writers, but they know the basics.

I use text lingo in almost all of my text messages. I never use it in emails. I believe the reason is because a text message is quick and to the point. The shorter we can make it, the better. Who wants to sit and type a long text?

-Erika Hultsman


I don't even know what FML is the abbreviation for. Let me rephrase as I ended that sentence with a preposition. For what is FML the abbreviation? Do I want to know? Is it something foul? vulgar? crass?

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