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when we come to judge others, it is not by ourselves as we really are that we judge them, but by an image that we have formed of ourselves

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While I can't respond to every one, I LOVE hearing your comments! It's easy--just click the tiny word "comment" at the bottom of the post, register and SPEAK! {thanks!!}

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The best way to be spoiled is with time...if you spoil with stuff, it's probably because you feel bad you're not spending enough time with that person. I was spoiled as a child

with time, even though my parents are very well off and could have easily gone the BMW for the first car route. But they didn't, and it's great!

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Thanks for remembering a peaceful man who impacted so many of us.
I can call up the shock and sadness I felt on that day 27 years ago and yet I try to remember all the beauty in words, music and art he bought to the world.
give Peace a chance.

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Once I met, destined to chance, A visit to life; friendship, A blessing, with all sincerity, In each of the blog, my blessing is a fragrant forget-me-not, collect my every wish sincerely, each, each one blessing, my heart to every detail, every move, each of you, send to deep wishes!

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The message of our emotions, thoughts and emotions are written about shi shi silent, attention is nostalgic sincere freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, music with emotion I play enduring songwriter, let beauty, write the leisurely mountain of the screen, beautiful love everlasting, wish you are healthy and happy!

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